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16th Nov 2012

With Christmas fast approaching many of us will be turning to the internet to avoid the crowds and grab a bargain. Why not use the club's Easysearch page to earn us some cash?

GO TO OUR SEARCH PAGE, search for your retailer, take the link, and the club will receive some cash following your purchase. No extra cost to you; no extra effort to you; support for the club!

Just follow these simple steps.

1) From the BTFC Easysearch page, search for your retailer.

2) Look for results with a light blue background; those which will generate cash display the 'EF easylink' logo.

3) Click on the search result to take you to the retailer; BTFC will receive cash for any purchase you make.

4) Note: If only the 'EF' logo is displayed you need to register with 'Easyfundraising' to raise cash - this is simple (take the 'Earn BTFC Cash' link in our menu to find out how); by registering you can also take adavantage of money-saving offers which are not available to the general public.

Remember though - you do not even need to register if you want to raise the club money - just look for the 'EF easylink' logo!

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