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Norfolk Road update.

7th Sep 2005

The project to improve the drainage at Norfolk Road is drawing to a close and should be completed by the end of this week.

Originally there was not going to be a land drain above the square (west side) as the project was for football pitches, but after some discussion it seemed sensible to add a new one.

For the cricket club, this should help the bowler's run up and the square itself.

From a football perspective, the goalmouths will be topped and seeded while the weather is still clement and grass grows.

Obviously we do not yet know when the pitches can be used but it is not likely to be before the end of October and that will depend on the weather.

All the lines have been seeded and the contractors will come back to top up if needed; they have left some soil which we can use ourselves for the odd dip if necessary.

The big bank of earth has been seeded so it will become part of the grassed area that will be cut in due course.

Providing the weather is kind, the pitches will be tined (verti-drained) and top dressed by the end of October - but at this stage it is only a hope.

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