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Fire at Norfolk Road.

7th Jun 2003

The people of Buntingford woke up this morning to the news that a fire has destroyed the Norfolk Road changing facilities. The extent of the damaged is still being assessed but it has dealt a severe blow ro the sporting community within the town.

Early on Friday evening a fire devastated the Norfolk Road changing facilities and storage area, dealing a severe blow to the aspirations of a number of the town's sporting associations.

There is little point in apportioning blame or adding to the speculation surrounding the cause of this disaster.

The truth will emerge in due course - thankfully, to our knowledge, no-one was hurt.

The full extent of losses to individual sports clubs has yet to be assessed, but it would seem that the cricket club have suffered the most.

Thousands of pounds worth of equipment, including their roller, mowers and tractor have been destroyed.

The generosity of other local clubs have ensured that today's match will go ahead, but they have asked us to appeal for help in replacing what they have lost.

They are determined to continue their season.

If you can offer assistance please ring Martin Spencer on 01763 273211, or 07977 954783 (mobile).

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