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Sin Bin Pilot

8th Aug 2017

The Herts Senior County League, in conjunction with the Herts FA, is undertaking a pilot which is aimed at evaluating the use of 'Sin Bins' within football.

For the 2017/18 season, all divisions within the HSCL will be implementing the Sin Bin process for all cautions for dissent.

The FA guidelines can be found here; all players are strongly advised to read them and understand the process.

Our team managers, Martin Stevens and Mick Nolan, have both attended a Sin Bin presentation held by the Herts FA and are aware of the of the process so should be able to answer any questions you may have.

To summarise, under last season's rules, any player who commits a dissent offence would have been issued a yellow card.

This season, a dissent offence would result in the player being 'Sin Binned' for 10 minutes.

At the end of this period he will be invited by the referee to rejoin the game.

Any other cautionable offences will be dealt with in the same way as last season using yellow and red cards.

The actions taken against a player who commits more than one offence during the same game varies depending on the offence itself; details can be found in the following table:

Caution Offence 1Caution Offence 2Caution Offence 3On Field Sanction
Dissent--1 - Sin Bin
DissentNon-Dissent Caution-1 - Sin Bin
2 - Caution Recorded; No Send Off
DissentNon-Dissent CautionNon-Dissent Caution

1 - Sin Bin
2 - Caution Recorded; No Send Off
3 - Caution Recorded; Send Off for S7 (2 cautions)


1 - Sin Bin
2 - Sin Bin; Unable to rejoin, but CAN be substituted after 2nd Sin Bin if not all Substitutes used

DissentNon-Dissent CautionDissent

1 - Sin Bin
2 - Caution Recorded
3 - Sin Bin; Unable to rejoin and CANNOT be substituted after 2nd Sin Bin

Non-Dissent CautionDissent- 1 - Caution Recorded
2 - Sin Bin
Non-Dissent CautionDissentNon-Dissent Caution 1 - Caution Recorded
2 - Sin Bin
3 - Caution Recorded; Send Off for S7 (2 cautions)
Non-Dissent CautionDissentDissent 1 - Caution Recorded
2 - Sin Bin
3 - Sin Bin; Unable to rejoin, and CANNOT be substituted after 2nd Sin Bin


Should a player commit any offence, (Red Card or Yellow Card), whilst in the Sin Bin, then that player will take no further part in the game and cannot be substituted.

Buntingford Town FC will continue to support the FA's Respect Programme, and, as Sin Bins will be used for dissent offences, the club will continue to fine offenders according to it's current policy.

A reduction in the number of cases of dissent would benefit our club and also grassroots football as a whole; let's try to avoid banishment to the Sin Bin during the 2017/18 season.

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